How Does Hiring Professional Movers Actually Save You Money?

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Corporate Relocation Companies
Chances are, if you are performing a long distance or corporate move, you are trying to cut costs. After all, moving to a new home is always an expensive process, and moving a business can be even more nerve-wracking, especially if you have employees depending on you. Hiring a moving service may seem like an excessive cost that you would like to avoid. In the end though, you would likely regret not looking into cheap moving companies. The upfront price may worry you, but you have to consider all of the services included in that price.

Packing Supplies

Even if you choose not to hire a full service moving company, you have to pack up your belongings somehow. There’s a good chance that this process includes at least some breakable objects. You’ll end up having to purchase boxes, bubble wrap, a tape gun, and other packing materials to get your home all sorted. Professional moving services, in contrast, can buy packing materials in bulk and get better deals from suppliers. Your net cost for materials ends up being much lower, and you have the assistance of people who actually know how best to pack your things.

Moving Vehicles

Renting a moving vehicle, whether it is a van or a U-Haul, can quickly add up. In addition, you may not even be comfortable driving a vehicle this large. You also have to make various choices about what items you can pack in the vehicle and what you may have to ship. In your anxious state, you will likely just eyeball how much can fit in the moving vehicle. Then you have to pay for fuel, and spend a long time on the road, stopping and eating at rest stops and possibly staying at hotels. Long distance moving companies take care of all of this for you, and do it better than you would. They have their own vehicles, which are likely of better quality than the cheapest rental you could find, and they know how to pack your stuff. Since they bring their own trucks and their own boxes, they know the size of their space and the size of their containers so that they can maximize their vehicles and know exactly how much will fit in each. They then take care of the road trip for you, with fuel included in your original cost. They will not only save you net money, they will also save you time and the hassle of renting a vehicle.

Expertise with Equipment

This is a special skill of corporate relocation companies, but is also applicable to breakable everyday objects. Professional moving companies will have all the equipment they need to safely transport your technology both out of the office and across a long distance. When moving your own equipment, you can easily damage it, or injure yourself. When working with a professional moving company, they are much less likely to damage your equipment, and will have an insurance policy if they do. In addition, they have proper tools, so there is less risk of injury. The last thing you want to do when you get to your business’s new location is deal with broken equipment that isn’t insured, or has coverage under your business plan so that you have to deal with a complicated claim. The likeliness of something going wrong if you try to move your business yourself is high, which will lead to further expense. Hiring professional movers saves you money upfront by preventing any complications.

It’s entirely normal to try to cut your budget when moving, but not using a moving service is not the way to do it. You will end up spending just as much doing it yourself as you would have on professional movers, and you will be saddled with much more stress and responsibility. Find a cheap moving company, and hire them before you take on a big move!