Reasons to Hire a Moving Company instead of Your Friends

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It’s an age-old cliché; people ask their friends for help moving in sit coms, cartoons, films, and everything in between. However, is this strategy really a good idea? Next time, before calling all your friends and then having to pay them in pizza, call around to find reliable cheap moving companies in your area. Yeah, it may cost more than pizza, but the advantages certainly outweigh the costs. Here is why:

You Know They Will Show Up

So you’ve got four friends who agreed to come help you, and that’s great! Unfortunately, on the day of, three of them mysteriously come down with the flue. That’s not so great. With a cheap moving company, you have a contract, and therefore a guarantee that they will appear, on time, at your door. Friends who cancel can lead to a sore back for you as you lift everything by yourself into a haphazard formation in your car and try to get across town before the end of the day. With professional movers, you can wake up with the knowledge that your moving in day will go smoothly.

They Know How to Pack a Vehicle

The whole point of hiring a cheap moving company is that they are a company; they have professional experience and their own vehicles. If you brought your friends over, each in mini hatchbacks, maybe a truck if you’re lucky, you’re going to have a chaotic loading process and you may end up with broken items or taking multiple trips. When professional movers show up, they will have their own, appropriately sized vehicles, and an efficient strategy for how to pack them safely. Also an advantage, you do not have to play manager to a distractible heard of your friends; the moving company will have an actual manager and team of dedicated employees.

They Will Unload Properly Too

Moving can result in damages a surprising amount of the time, especially if your only assistance is a crew of careless friends. By the end of it, you’re left with a heap of boxes that are nowhere near where they belong, and possibly some damaged walls. With professional movers, in contrast, you can get a much neater final product. Some moving companies will move each individual box into the rooms you would like them, rather than scattering them around the house. They also have years of experience with unloading trucks into homes, so they will not accidentally damage the space. If, by some fluke they do, they will likely have insurance policies and the like that you can discuss with them.

Before you start calling your friends and bribing them with food and beer, call some cheap local moving services for quotes. You may be surprised by how inexpensively you can get great moving services. The experience will be much better for you and your friends, when they can come see your new place without helping you create it.