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Know how the price of your move is calculated

Know how the move price is calculated

The price of your move will depend on the size of your move as well the moving services you require. We recommend getting a free estimate, to see how much your move will cost you.


How to get accurate moving quote

How to get accurate moving quote

Giving a mover your inventory is the first step in getting the most accurate quote. Colonial Van Lines has an app that will walk you through every step of documenting, photographing and shooting video of your rooms and furniture that needs to be moved and submitting it for the most accurate quote.


How to prepare for your long distance move

How to prepare for your long distance move

Moving can be a stressful and complex experience. There are a lot of tiny details that need to be coordinated in order to have a safe and successful move. Download our moving checklist that details the steps to take 1-2 months before your move. Click here

Standard Services from Moving Companies

Stadard services when moving - what you should know

Do not be afraid to ask what is included in the quote you are given. Also ask about special services offered to you like packing and storage services.

Ensure you get the most accurate mover price quote

Giving inacurate information when moving is cause for inacurate moving quote

The more accurate you are with the inventory that you will need moved, the more accurate your move quote will be. Leaving items out, even if they seem small, may increase the price of your quote. For example, if your complex does not have space to fit a large moving van, if you live on the second floor and do not have elevator access or you may have decided to leave some of your furniture behind. You can never disclose too much information.

Is the moving company licensed and insured?

Ask about your movers license and insurance when moving - Tip

Be sure to verify the types of certifications and licenses that are required for your long distance relocation.

Learn about your rights when moving long distance

Moving? Know your rights and responsibilities

You can visit

Need moving and storage? Get protection for your goods

Valuation and Protection Coverage When Moving
Be sure to inquire about three specific options: full value replacement at a cost, released value at no cost and third party full value replacement insurance.




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We Highly recommend Colonial to you and others. Definitely will use again next time. Staff is thorough and courteous. During this stressful period Marcus and crew made all our timing smooth and the movers were professional, prompt and personable throughout this experience. We packed ourselves and not one piece was broken in 10,000 lbs. Saved thousands comparing quotes from "other Companies in" the GA area. Thanks Colonial for a stress free handling of our household!.

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