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Colonial Van Lines - Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist - Colonial Van Lines

Download Colonial Van Lines FREE Moving Checklist


      • Plan your moving method (hiring movers or truck rentals) and get at least three estimates to compare
      • Download the Colonial Van Lines App and inventory everything you want to move
      • Download FREE Colonial Visual Inventory App for iOS  Download FREE Colonial Visual Inventory App for Androids
      • Create a pack it or trash it list
      • Coordinate packing & storage services, if necessary
      • Lock in your move date
      • Purchase moving insurance to protect your property
      • Insure all valuable items
      • If you are packing yourself, get packing supplies (boxes, tape, padding, markers, etc.)
      • Transfer of important records like medical and dental records and children’s school records)
      • Coordinate a yard or garage sale



      • Begin packing and clean as you go, we recommend room by room
      • Pack out of season clothing and decorative items
      • If you have children be sure to get them involved in the packing process
      • Pack items that you may need access to separately
      • Do not pack any medications that you may need in the next two weeks
      • Begin using up perishable foods


Personal Preparation

      • Check in with your move coordinator
      • Complete a change-of-address checklist
      • Bank(s)
      • Attorney
      • Magazines
      • Credit Cards
      • Accountant
      • Home Owners Insurance
      • Renters Insurance
      • IRS
      • Physicians
      • Loans
      • Licenses
      • Insurance
      • Newspaper


Squeeze in Some Goodbye Fun

      • Schedule goodbye parties with all important people in your life
      • Let everyone know how they can stay in touch with you


Finalize Travel Plans

      • If you are flying to your new residence, make sure your air travel is booked with no changes in the itinerary
      • If you are driving, schedule a tune up before you hit the road
      • Confirm hotel arrangements
      • Pack all essential items that you may need immediate access to during your first two nights in your new home



      • Begin finalizing your packing
      • Be sure to label all boxes accordingly
      • Pay close attention to packing fragile/antique items and label them accordingly
      • Continue packing, be sure to not pack any tools you may need (screwdriver, pliers, wrench, etc.)
      • Continue cleaning and getting rid of items that you aren’t moving with you


Household Preparations

      • Schedule disconnection of utilities for 2-4 days after your move date, to allow for delays
      • Schedule connection of utilities at old and new place
      • Change the locks


Personal Preparations

      • Empty out any safe deposit boxes you may have and store them in a safe location
      • Set up your new bank accounts, if applicable
      • Coordinate having the day off for moving day
      • If moving out of state, notify the bank and credit card companies to prevent deactivation
      • Make an action plan for moving day
      • Prepare for any additional moving expenses that may happen
      • Pick up anything you were having cleaned or had in storage
      • Finalize your plans for your pet(s)



      • Remove bedding and break down beds
      • Pick up rental truck, if applicable
      • Walk movers through the house to give an overview of what you want loaded
      • Make sure the movers have your new residence address


Double Check Everything

    • Plan to be on hand the day of the move to supervise packing and loading
    • After everything has been loaded, do a last walk around before signing off on the inventory list
    • Give the driver your exact address
    • Point out all fragile/valuable boxes to ensure special care is taken when packing/loading
    • Ensure that everything is turned off and that all doors and windows are locked





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We Highly recommend Colonial to you and others. Definitely will use again next time. Staff is thorough and courteous. During this stressful period Marcus and crew made all our timing smooth and the movers were professional, prompt and personable throughout this experience. We packed ourselves and not one piece was broken in 10,000 lbs. Saved thousands comparing quotes from "other Companies in" the GA area. Thanks Colonial for a stress free handling of our household!.

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